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Start Earning a Passive Income by Referring Traders to Ghana FX

A great way to expand your income opportunities for a lifetime of residual income:

  • No qualifications needed
  • No customer referral minimum
  • Choose how much you want to be involved
  • We handle all the customer support for you
  • We give you ALL the tools you need.
  • FREE registration

How the Ghana FX Affiliate Program Works

Refer customers to our platform and earn a commission on every trade they make for as long as they continue to trade with us.

This is a great way to build an Internet business where you can earn a LIFETIME RESIDUAL INCOME.

It’s that easy. Registration is Free.

How Much Can You Earn?

Example #1: You refer 20 customers

For the first 20 customers you refer, you earn 0.25 pip or USD2.50 for each standard lot round turn trade (RTT) your customers make.

If these customers trade an industry-standard 15 standard lots per month, this translates to:

20 customers x 15 round turn trades/customer = 300 RTT per month, so you make 300 RTT x USD2.50 per RTT = USD750 per month in commission.

Example #2: You refer 100 customers

Once you refer more than 20 customers, we double your commission to 0.50 pip or USD5.00 per standard lot round trip trade (RTT).

If you refer 100 customers:

For the first 20, you earn USD2.50 per RTT 20 customers x 15 round turn trades/customer = 300 RTT per month, 300 RTT per month x USD2.50 per RTT = USD750 per month in commission

  • For the next 80, you earn USD5.00 per RTT 80 customers x 15 round turn trades/customer = 1,200 RTT per month1,200 RTT per month x USD5.00 per RTT = USD6,000 per month in commission.
  • So your total commission on the trading activity for all 100 customers is: USD750 + USD6,000 = USD6,750 per month in commission.

Huge Affiliate Benefits


You do the work once and get paid for life as long as the customers that you introduce to us continue to trade. If done right, your income CAN grow exponentially and you will enjoy financial and time-saving benefits by building an affiliate business with us.


Rely on our dedicated team of Customer Support professionals to handle all support requests from your referred customers. Our support team is available 24×5 via live chat and email. Let us manage your customer support while you focus on marketing. It’s that easy.

Submit your Affiliate application today by contacting a Ghana FX account manager on
00 233 (0)302 634 860 or email