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Equinix LD4

Ghana FX at the Equinix Financial Exchange

Ghana FX’s trade servers are hosted by Equinix to ensure that our clients benefit from a
market leading and cutting-edge trading infrastructure. The Equinix LD4 facility is located in
the heart of London. Equinix also hosts the servers of more than 450 financial exchanges,
execution venues and FX Banks which means our clients’ orders are executed through Hi-
Technology Optical Fibre within the same financial network.

Faster Order Execution

When trading Forex, execution speeds can be the difference in trading profitability. By having our trade servers hosted on the Equinix LD4 facility, and on the same grid as our liquidity providers, we provide our customers with low latency and the fastest order

Execution Flow

With the Ghana FX technology infrastructure, our clients are cross connected to major banks and liquidity providers through the highest quality connection. Orders are received and executed within the same financial network to ensure the most stable connectivity and execution speeds you can rely on