Flexi Analysis and Ghana FX

Flexi Analysis is a leading global investment research provider to financial market professionals. Its technical strategies cover equity, indices, forex, commodities and fixed-income markets. Flexi Analysis’s market depth and knowledge are attributed to their acquired experience on trading floors of many banking institutions. Technical analysis is Flexi Analysis core business. Its award-winning methodology is backed by time-tested indicators. Its chartist and mathematical approaches match requirements of various investment styles, from intraday trading to swing trading and long-term investments. Numerous traders and in 45 countries use Flexi Analysis opinion to manage their risk and identify original investment opportunities.


What To Expect

Technical Analysis

Our methodology is backed by years of Research & Development. Our expertise applies to the financial and commodity markets in all trading conditions and time frames.

Fundamental Analysis

Flexi Analysis partnered with leading research providers to provide its clients with top notch services.Flexi Analysis distributes fundamental overview of Dow jones and Reuters.

Trading Signals

Flexi Analysis Trading Signals are recommendations with detailed information to help traders to place and manage trades from start to finish.

Candlestick Analysis

Flexi Analysis Scans all the candlestick pattern on daily chart and display the information is very easy to understand format.

Technical Indicator Alerts

On a daily basis Flexi Analysis gives bullish and bearish alert signals on main asset classes: US and European equities, indices, forex and fixed-income products. The research system is also available in this section.

Flexi MT4 Indicator

The Flexi MT4 indicator has been developed to help identify high probability trade entries through precise Support and Resistance Zones, Bollinger Bands, Price Channels and RSI levels. This information will reduce the amount of time you spend analysing charts and it will increase your profitability.

Download MT4 Indicator

To download the MT4 Indicator, please visit the link below.