Introducing Brokers

Become an Introducing Broker

Do you have a network of people interested in trading? Why not recommend Ghana FX to them?

Explode your profits with our Introducing Broker (IB) program by helping your clients to sign up with Ghana FX.

Why Choose Ghana FX as Your IB Partner

Ghana FX offers one of the most generous IB compensation plans in the industry.

You earn from a 2-tier rebate program. As a qualified IB we allow you to recruit an army of affiliates and earn a second level of over-riding commissions from this affiliate network to explode your earnings.

You get access to an exclusive back office. Intelligently track the activity of your clients and affiliates. Easily review your earnings from rebates and commissions. Managing your IB business has never been easier!

You also get access to the Ghana FX online marketing system. This state-of-the-art toolset includes automated client recruitment and lead nurturing mechanisms already built in. It’s yours free of charge when you qualify as a GHANA FX IB.

Our highly trained Relationship Managers are always available to work with you to enhance your recruitment activities and to add value to your business.

Your commission does not reduce the profits of your clients. We compensate our IBs from our volume discounts and earnings without affecting your clients’ accounts or trading.

You will also have the opportunity to attend exclusive live seminars and online webinars about how to turbo-charge your IB business so that you can grow your income like never before.

You get paid via e-wallet directly to your bank account or to a debit card that you can use at ATMs and transaction points of sale worldwide.

How to Qualify

You should have a minimum of 10 clients who are direct clients one level below you. This does not include the clients of any affiliates that you recruit.

You should also have a minimum total client deposit of USD 30,000 or a total of 300 standard round turn lots traded that within the first 3 months of becoming an IB. Thereafter, you need a new total client deposit of USD10,000 per month or a total trading volume of at least 100 standard round turn lots per month. This is a total volume qualification, which includes the volume from all your direct clients and affiliates.

You should have past experience in acting as an IB.

You should be willing to provide your clients with first level support such as assistance in account opening and other tasks. Should you have any questions while supporting your clients, our Relationship Managers are standing by ready to assist you.

Do You Meet These Qualifications?

If so, we welcome you to apply today so we can assist you in setting up an IB account. Once you submit your application, we’ll contact you to discuss an attractive remuneration package that best meets your business requirements.

Not Able to Qualify Yet? Become an Affiliate and Still Earn Generous Commissions

If you do not meet our Introducing Broker requirements, we still want you as a partner!

We suggest you start as an affiliate and work your way up to becoming an IB. The Ghana FX affiliate program is very lucrative and is specifically designed for anyone that is new to the IB business.