Dear Client

Welcome to Ghana FX

My Name is Joe Anka and I am the Managing Director of Ghana FX and I would like to personally
welcome you to our company.

We are an Online Broker that enable our clients to trade 50 plus Currency pairs, global stocks, stock
indices from around the world, Oil, Gold and Silver.

We are also an Independent African Broker born out of Africa and we are set up to service primarily
the needs of the African Trader. Our Vision has always been to provide the African trader in Accra,
Lagos, Nairobi, Kampala or wherever else in Africa with a world class trading platform that’s second
to none.

We want that trader to trade on the same playing field as a trader in the City of London or on Wall

We are passionate about delivering the best trading experience, with trading tools that really make a
difference, competitive spreads, acute pricing and fast execution that gets you in and out of the
market at the price you want to.

We deliver these same excellent trading conditions to a trader that deposits $50 to those that
deposit $100,000 At Ghana FX we have a team of informed customer service agents that are always
here to talk to you personally to understand your trading objectives and help you achieve them.
Please know that Fairness and integrity is stamped on everything we do. I would like you to join the
Ghana FX family by downloading a Ghana FX MT4 free practice account and try it out and see.

Thank You
Joe Anka

Managing Director