Trading CFDs (contract for difference) are high risk and you may lose some or all of your initial investment.

Online trading as a life skill

Whether you’re an Explorer, a Learner, or a Pro, you can get started immediately.


First time in the world of Online Trading? Ghana FX is here to guide complete beginners (we use the terms Explorers) through the financial markets and kick-off the learning process. The simple interface and helpful content will ease you into the world of trading. It’s easier than it looks. Go ahead, try it.


Know the basics but want to improve? Ghana FX enables Learners to gain an even better understanding of the financial markets. Build your your knowledge base with zero risk. Boost your learning by trying your hand at our free practice account.


Ghana FX gives Pro Traders access to real market pricing from multiple liquidity providers to trade on. Manage your account like an expert, test your strategies, leverage and analytics

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